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Hey Bloggie World!!

Has February just FLOWN by for you!? I cannot believe that it is the 22nd already!!! Daylight savings happens March 13th!! that is only 19 days away! That’s nothing!! It is still quite chilly willy on this barren maritime coast but the roads are clear and we haven’t had a MAJOR storm in maybe a week (here is me jinxing this!) Work has been really good and EXTREMELY busy! We have been in the midst of planning this event!

It is on Thursday night at the Canterbury Lounge located in downtown Saint John. I am actually playing some of my old tunes for the event opening up for Jessica Darrah! This is another reason I have been quite busy! I haven’t played a show in five years!!

We also found another one of these:
I have had the trap on my dresser for a while now and one of the gang finally popped out! We took him out a ways and let him out again. I am sure he is living it up!

My sister was also home in time for me to throw her a big birthday party for her 25th!! We called it her champagne birthday! She deserves it! She works so hard!
Here is part of the spread!
jello shots? rice krispie squares. ALL OF HER FAVOURITES!

There OF COURSE has been plenty of THIS:
Yay. Spring is just around the corner though so all is going to be okay!!!
In case you need to warm up a bit here is my fool proof curry recipe! My best friend Michelle is QUEEN of the curries and has the method down pat!

First you add garlic:
sautee it until browned. Then add a bit of curry paste and about 3 tbs of coconut milk over a medium heat. Allow the regular coconut milk to thicken with the curry paste and then start adding in some vegetables:
Coat the veggies with the coconut and curry paste mixture. Add a bit more paste and a bit more coconut milk. Allow it to thicken up. Taste as you go so you don’t over spice yourself! I am a spice nut so I always add tons of paste!

Add in the softest veggies toward the very end, adding the rest of your coconut milk and any more curry paste you desire. Allow the mixture to thicken up nicely!

A nice alternative that sadly is not available here but you can get at the Calais, Maine SaveEasy or a couple of Natural Food stores in Fredericton, is the Shiritaki Noodles!
Check out that profile!! You get the deliciousness of noodles without all the carbs and calories! I find that the noodles taste MUCH better when you actually cook them with the curry instead of pouring the curry over them.
I add the noodles and a handful of spinach right before I am about to serve:
The husband was making homemade chicken patty things? He put them on some white buns. Oh hus!
Then serve it up kittens!

Ok! I have to go off and practice!!

Go check me n the Bodester out on Carrots n Cake! Tina posted our pic in her blog dogs series!!!

Link is here!


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  1. that snow picture is beautiful!! I live in Southeast Texas…we don’t have beautiful snow pictures like that! lol

    • Oh Wow Alex!! I have always dreamed of going to Texas!! Grass is always greener!! Loads of snow pics from the last while on here. School has been cancelled 13 times!! So many storms this year!

  2. BEST BIRTHDAY SPREAD EVER!!! Best birthday thrown by an amazing sister ever too!! I think I remembered I left a bottle of champagne at your house so you better save it for me! Hahaha I ALSO WOULD LIKE THAT CURRY PLEASE!! Nice to see you postin’ again GRAN!!! LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND

  3. With my limited sugar intake, I REALLY miss rice-krispie squares. P.S. Feel free to make me curry ANYTIME!

  4. hope you post some videos of you singing. if you sound anything like your mother it must be beautiful. enjoying your blog!

  5. Cutest puppy ever! Love it 🙂


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