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Oh Gran Where Have You Been!?

Hey There!!!

I have returned from what has been a quite harrowing three or so months! Growing a baby is much different than I thought it would be and I thought that now I am safely at 12 weeks, have seen my sweets heart beating away and have felt more pregnancy symptoms than I have know what to do with! I figured I could finally share!!

As you know this is a healthy living blog. The reason I felt the need to take a break was because food and I have been on the outs these past few months. It was so strange for me since I am a MAJOR eater. MAJOR. Love all kinds of food: good, bad and wonky. I was struck with constant nausea (and still am but much less so than in the earlier weeks). My appetite has been all over the place and veggies have been massively unappealing to me. The texture, the taste, the mere sight could send me into the loo. Obviously I had to eat and had moments of extreme hunger which sometimes would wake me out of a dead sleep. I ended up eating A LOT of granola bars, fruit, crackers, chips, plain pasta and basically anything I felt I could handle (which may have included a few happy meals! shameshame) . It never ended up being very much food and I actually ended up losing about 5 pounds in my first trimester due to the vomiting. I am back to my starting weight now and am starting to feel a touch more normal. The tiredness and nausea comes back every so often but is no where NEAR as bad as it was weeks 6-10.

Husband and I had a couple of weeks in Florida to finish out this trimester which I think help make a bit of difference since I was able to rest whenever I wanted to which I have to say, WAS FANTASTIC. I had been feeling quite stressed and all of the place which I imagine was due to raging hormones. It is such a precarious time in a pregnancy: you have extreme emotions, you can’t really tell anyone about your pregnancy, you feel like crap, you are worried ALL THE TIME that you might have a miscarriage and it is really hard to vocalize all of these things and not sound like a nutbar. It is incredibly exciting to be finally writing this post and feeling more confident that everything is going to be okay with this wee one. I made this composite to track how things have progressed so far. My midriff is no longer my own!

I am going to continue to write about food but until my appetite returns to normal, the blog may be a bit baby heavy. The great thing about having a personal blog is that it can shift with my life as it changes. I wish I could have included you all in the day to day of the last few months but the potential for heartbreak in those first few months was too great to share too much with the world. I feel good about how things went and I am glad to be back to blogging in this new “state”. I already love this baby more than I could have ever imagined.

I took an amazing photo class at Appleby’s with Ivan Gaudet and am trying to shoot on in manual now so I am hoping that my photography will start to improve!! Lots of time to get little projects on the go before a small bean turns into a baby and begins to alter my existence for the better!

If you are still checking into to see if I have updated even after all this time I truly thank you for doing so! I appreciate getting to share and talk with you all on here and can’t wait to continue this ever-so-awesome journey with you all! xoxox


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  1. The biggest of congrats to you Jo! I regularly checked back for this announcement and am so glad that everything is going well! The baby belly is looking so cute! Can’t wait to see the progress in pictures!

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyy i was missin me grandma—love granny

  3. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO congrats!!! How exciting!!

    Hope you start to feel better soon and I like baby talk, so I’ll be here waiting for whatever you write!! 🙂


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