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One Month Old

My wee lad is now one month old. It has been an interesting and overwhelmingly cool first month hanging out with this dude. I feel almost totally adjusted to the new mama life. It feels like second nature. This may sound strange but I feel like I have wanted to be a mother forever. I never had a huge desire to go for that dynamite career. There was nothing that I have ever wanted to devote all of my attention to until now. This is the best all consuming, dream job I could have asked for.

I think I am lucky enough to have an easy baby. I am breastfeeding on demand and I am *thinking* it helps. He is always offered food if he is upset and it seems to do the trick every time. He has his fussier moments but overall he is very content and easy to please. He loves to be put in the carrier and he also has a hammock he is quite fond of. He is STRONG and already trying to whip his head all around. It is quite scary sometimes! I am worried he will flail out of my arms!

I am already thinking I cannot imagine not doing this again. I can’t imagine this being the last time I hold a newborn close and sing or the last time I feed and coo to my brand new baby. I am totally hooked on this kid.

On the health and wellness front, I am looking at getting back to business in the New Year. 2012 will be the year to get back into fighting shape! Gotta gear up to chase around a toddler! It was quite convenient to have Neil when I did as my six week ban on exercise goes right til the end of December! Perfect timing to enjoy the holidays  semi-guilt free. I am trying to eat with health in mind considering I am breastfeeding but I am definitely eating WAY MORE treats than I had been before!  It will be back to normal, good, clean eating in the new year for sure. I am also feeling this blog needs a makeover. I will hopefully be a lot better at using nap time to update you folks on the goings on around here ! We actually bought a new house! It is crazy how much life has changed in these last months!

Do you all know about Pinterest??! It is the best!! Follow me!

Here is some baby cuteness for you all!


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