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Holiday Happenings!

Hey Gang!!

As you can see my blog has a new banner! I have been spending some of Neil’s nap time schooling myself on some blog fun and photoshop action! The world is so mighty and big when it comes to these things so I am just trying to pick up a few new skillz as I go along! Anything to pretty up the place!

It is now four days before our first Christmas as a family of three! I can’t even believe it! We are so happy to have Neil here with us and I am finding that even with an infant around, Christmas is so much more fun!  I still managed to get SOME Christmas baking done. CERTAINLY not as much as last year. Last year I was even melting chocolate and dipping things in it. NOT SO MUCH this year but some dough was put together!

Recipes for these babies: Sugar Cookies, Cookie Dough Balls, & Peanut Brittle

Some decorations were put together as well. It was hard to resist not fixing up the new house. Neil LOVES the baby carrier so I just strap him to me and go around putting up lights and ornaments. He pretty much loved all the action from what I can tell.

Now it is time for babe and I to hit the hay once again! This is our entry for another of Paper Mama’s photo challenges! It is pretty much how every morning is spent!

The Paper Mama


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