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Neil’s Weekly Photo Project!

Hey There!

Today is Neil’s six week birthday! Holy MOLY! He is changing more and more everyday. You can tell he is really starting to SEE things now and it is awesome. He is very enamored with this rod iron light fixture we have. I know, VERY exciting stuff. He also seems to enjoy the fan in our bedroom. He also likes laying on people, mostly me at this point but sometimes I can trick him by moving him over to his Dad’s chest for a while. I know, I know, I should be putting him down more often but after reading this article I don’t care if he prefers the human contact.

This is my favorite quote from the article:

“If you are baby with no skills in self-protection, staying with mom, having a grasp reflex, and a startle reflex that helps you grab onto your mom, makes sense.  Babies know the difference between a bassinette and a human chest. When infants are separated from their mothers, they have a “despair withdrawal” response.  The despair part comes when they alone, separated.  The kids are vocally expressing their desire not to be tiger food.”

MAKES SENSE TO ME. So for now my sweet boy shall have all the benefits of human contact. It is not that difficult to conduct my day with him strapped to me and I get the benefit of some extra exercise! When you see any footage from non western countries you get the impression that people wear their babies A LOT. I am going to guess that they aren’t too concerned about their small babes becoming “too attached” to them.

Speaking of my attached baby, I wanted to show you a 52 week photo challenge I am participating in featuring the little prince. I took the idea from the lovely pair over at Young House Love. They have a sweet little one named Clara who they completed this challenge with! It is amazing! Every week they took a photo of their daughter on a piece of rad fabric and photoshopped how many weeks she was onto a plain white onsie! You can get the full how-to right here! With Neil I have decided to use blankies that he has received from family and friends. You may not believe me, but Neil will have enough blankets to complete this challenge. I am including receiving blankets as well of course because heck! some of them are made of quite awesome fabric!!  Here are weeks 1-5:

Now drumrollll pleaseeeeeeeeeeee:

LOOK AT THOSE THIGH ROLLS BABY~~!! He is so delightfully bright!  I plan to update from now on with his weekly pic. Every Thursday is his week birthday which funnily enough is also my week birthday. I am now 1442 weeks old.


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  1. You guys a re too cute! Happy BDAY Joanna and Neil!



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