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Seven Weeks!

My sweet newborn is turning into a baby. It is true! It is happening right before my eyes!  He is becoming interested in things! He loves to kick and punch the air all while smiling and cooing at you. He is mesmerized by his new mobile and of course his favorite chandelier:

He is also a major fan of what I like to call Dancey Legs:


I have learned that sometimes he just wants to be put down to do his thing. I often think that extra rocking or holding onto him is what he wants only to find the crying does not stop until he gets some room to groove. It makes me more sure about the whole attachment parenting style. He really doesn’t want me ALL the time but he knows I am always there if he needs me!

This week has been full of extreme party and family time! We haven’t had much chance to relax. Lots of people want to see the little guy! As such here are some travelling pics of Neil:

He looks like Maggie Simpson on her snowsuit I think!


I feel like the adorable baby chub is appearing before my eyes. Sometimes I wake up and look at him and think “THERE IS MORE NEIL THAN THE NIGHT BEFORE” It is quite amazing to know it is 100% because of Mama’s Milk Cocktails. This is just another reason why I don’t know why people are so weirded out by breastfeeding. Nursing mothers down in the US actually held a “Nurse-In” at 250 Targets due to a woman being harassed by a Target EMPLOYEE for nursing her babe in public COVERED UP!!!$%# &%*#%#$^ See story here. Totally infuriating. I nurse Neil all over the place and positively love how easy it is and how no one even bats an eye.

Here is my happy boy on a Christmas themed blankie from his 3 year old cousin Jameson!

My darling is almost two months! We are all looking forward to the new year and getting some more projects on the go! Neil is a happy camper for the most part so I am looking forward to getting creative again!

Hope everyone has an amazing New Years Eve and relaxing long weekend!!



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