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So I love pinterest and all the amazingly talented ideas it highlights. For those of you that are into it, do you find you never actually DO any of the ideas you pin?? I am one hundred percent guilty of pinning without following through! So I thought I would challenge myself to complete a pin a week and throw it onto the blog on Tuesdays! I am going to go easy on myself and allow it to be as simple as trying a recipe. This week’s is a hair tutorial I pinned!




Anyone want to join me and challenge yourself to follow through with your pinning!!??


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  1. Danielle Scholfield

    Ha! I am totally guilty of this!! I had all kinds of wonderful ideas to make a homemade Christmas through pins I found and I didn’t get to make a single one… Let me think on it and see if I am ready to commit to this challenge :P…

    Happy New Year and I hope you are having many percious moments with your beautiful little family my dear!

    Oh PS. Monique is thinking ’bout getting a knitting group together at work so us gals can get together once a month, we’ll keep you posted k. You and the little bambino could come and stitch with us 🙂 Cheers!


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