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I like to scare myself…

Greg got the movie Contagion to watch for us the other day. I used to like these types of epidemic movies like Children of Men, Outbreak, 28 Days Later etc.  Neil began to fall asleep on me so I sat down and got cosy to watch the movie. About halfway through or so when everything really started going to hell in this IMAGINARY MOVIE, I looked down at Neil who was sleeping peacefully and suddenly became convinced something was wrong with him. Why wasn’t he stirring? He was definitely breathing but I was convinced it was not often enough. I had a major panic attack and got Greg to come over as I tried to wake him up. He was OBVIOUSLY groggy since he was in a DEAD sleep and I started crying thinking something was seriously wrong with him since he was still all limp from sleep. Poor Neil. He woke up fully and was totally normal and fine. Greg asked me if I should turn off the movie and I said sheepishly “Uh-huh”.

This movie is about a horrible flu outbreak where everyone dies immediately after contracting it and without even totally absorbing the movie I had myself in a state over anything ever happening to my son. It was a quite surreal experience and made me realize how much more sensitive I am to the outside world’s scariness. It was definitely an unexpected side affect of watching a MOVIE for heaven sakes. Lesson has been learned though. No more end of the world type movies for this gal.

On the lighter side, someone said Neil was rocking the TinTin. What do you think?


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  1. sarah gautreau

    I totally agree Jo, I went through the same thing. I used to watch scary shows and sad movies but now I can’t. For some reason I involve Cece in what happens in the movie and then get upset because I would die if anything remotely close to the situation i’m seeing would happen to her. No more law and order, CSI and certainly no more criminal minds, oh and no horror movie previews.
    Your son is adorable, such a cute button face, if that makes sense. I have to come visit again, we’re down to one car so I’m stuck at home during the week but i’ll try harder!

    Hope all is well,
    xo Sarah G

  2. dear me,i can’t relate to this style of worrying at all!! hahahahah YEAH RIGHT!! poor darlin!!

  3. What about human cenitpede? I can’t get that one out of my head


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