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8 Weeks!

Hey All!

Neil is 8 weeks today! Yahoo!! He is definitely getting more interested in his surroundings. We test his vision by walking across the room and moving around to see if he can see us and he follows our every move! He also loves his guys!

Some days he is really great about being put down to hang out with his guys and other days not so much. Like today for instance, Neil is being a cling-on and thus I am one handed typing  this entry. He is also sucking on his hands WAY more and is starting to become a drooling machine!

MAJOR milestone yesterday! He spent two whole hours alone with Daddy Bel and it was a success! They both made it through and Neil was even given a bottle of breast milk successfully! He was getting fussy by the time I arrived back and Greg was ready to hand him over but overall it went well!

Here is this week’s shot:

When Neil is in his playpen I have started working on some Photoshop tutorials to build up my skills. Here is a couple examples and the links to the tutorials if you want to try them out!

Fun with blending link here.

Make your photos into a cool watercolor here.

Have a fun Thursday all!!


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  1. Oooooh cool!! THat first Photoshop trick is really crazy!!


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