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Hey there!

Long time no see! Went through another one of my bloggie breaks there……

Motherhood is kicking my ass somedays but in mostly all good ways! Neil is almost 4 months! (cue bawl fest!) and he is a really good baby in my opinion. He has his moments of not wanting to be put down which can sometimes make for long days. He is also in constant need of entertainment which is quite similar to his parents so I can’t really blame him for that!  We have actually had a really amazing winter comparatively to winters past so we have been getting out a fair bit. He has yet to become “strange” with people which is much to my delight!! It is always wonderful when your baby is happy to see new faces!

I am itching to start some new projects around here and to finally clean out some of my old clothes and things. I am so in need of an update of my wardrobe which consists mostly of pregnancy friendly pieces. I am getting closer to my pre baby weight which is nice but the exercise is lacking. I have pretty terrible back pain most days from the constant bending and hunching over. I think yoga would help this? Well little N and I are off to bed I think! Big week ahead including a little trip!

See you next time!



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