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Hey Peeps!!

Wow! It has been a LONG time since I have been back in this space! I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of old forgotten spaces on the internet. From an old live journal account chronicling my second year of university to an ancient geocities website with various Leo Decapiro teen beat photos, I have always had good intentions for webspaces but never have been to be able follow through. There are never any succinct endings to these blogs/journals, just trailing off….:)

Any who, I thought I would pop back in here and post a recipe I use for Coconut Cream Curry!  I am a major Instagrammer. (Love it.) And tonight a really cool blogger and lovely acquaintance of mine from Fredericton posted a comment and wanted the deets!

SO! I have long wanted to perfect an at home curry method. There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good spicy Thai curry. My method is a bit slow but the patience is worth it!



The big secret: *****2 cans of coconut milk turned to cream via this method*****




Enjoy! I will hopefully blog again at some point! 🙂



Hey there!

Long time no see! Went through another one of my bloggie breaks there……

Motherhood is kicking my ass somedays but in mostly all good ways! Neil is almost 4 months! (cue bawl fest!) and he is a really good baby in my opinion. He has his moments of not wanting to be put down which can sometimes make for long days. He is also in constant need of entertainment which is quite similar to his parents so I can’t really blame him for that!  We have actually had a really amazing winter comparatively to winters past so we have been getting out a fair bit. He has yet to become “strange” with people which is much to my delight!! It is always wonderful when your baby is happy to see new faces!

I am itching to start some new projects around here and to finally clean out some of my old clothes and things. I am so in need of an update of my wardrobe which consists mostly of pregnancy friendly pieces. I am getting closer to my pre baby weight which is nice but the exercise is lacking. I have pretty terrible back pain most days from the constant bending and hunching over. I think yoga would help this? Well little N and I are off to bed I think! Big week ahead including a little trip!

See you next time!


{wordless-wednesday} this week in food


Pinterest Tuesday: A recipe!


Happy Pinterest Tuesday everyone! I have a food board that I add to all of the time so I added a Healthy Carrot Soup recipe and thought I would share my pics from the cooking session! You can find the pin here!

I added some major spice to mine as you can see but it was very good! It made quite a lot of soup! I am still eating it!

Today Neil is 2 months old! We went to the doc today and he is 12lb8oz now! Up from 10lb11oz at his 1 month appointment! He has also grown an inch! Right now he is suffering the after effects of his needles so husband and I are taking turns with him. I am obviously on my baby break. This photo was taken BEFORE the needles…

And here is Neil with that giant bear last month:

Hope you have a great hump day!


8 Weeks!

Hey All!

Neil is 8 weeks today! Yahoo!! He is definitely getting more interested in his surroundings. We test his vision by walking across the room and moving around to see if he can see us and he follows our every move! He also loves his guys!

Some days he is really great about being put down to hang out with his guys and other days not so much. Like today for instance, Neil is being a cling-on and thus I am one handed typing  this entry. He is also sucking on his hands WAY more and is starting to become a drooling machine!

MAJOR milestone yesterday! He spent two whole hours alone with Daddy Bel and it was a success! They both made it through and Neil was even given a bottle of breast milk successfully! He was getting fussy by the time I arrived back and Greg was ready to hand him over but overall it went well!

Here is this week’s shot:

When Neil is in his playpen I have started working on some Photoshop tutorials to build up my skills. Here is a couple examples and the links to the tutorials if you want to try them out!

Fun with blending link here.

Make your photos into a cool watercolor here.

Have a fun Thursday all!!

I like to scare myself…

Greg got the movie Contagion to watch for us the other day. I used to like these types of epidemic movies like Children of Men, Outbreak, 28 Days Later etc.  Neil began to fall asleep on me so I sat down and got cosy to watch the movie. About halfway through or so when everything really started going to hell in this IMAGINARY MOVIE, I looked down at Neil who was sleeping peacefully and suddenly became convinced something was wrong with him. Why wasn’t he stirring? He was definitely breathing but I was convinced it was not often enough. I had a major panic attack and got Greg to come over as I tried to wake him up. He was OBVIOUSLY groggy since he was in a DEAD sleep and I started crying thinking something was seriously wrong with him since he was still all limp from sleep. Poor Neil. He woke up fully and was totally normal and fine. Greg asked me if I should turn off the movie and I said sheepishly “Uh-huh”.

This movie is about a horrible flu outbreak where everyone dies immediately after contracting it and without even totally absorbing the movie I had myself in a state over anything ever happening to my son. It was a quite surreal experience and made me realize how much more sensitive I am to the outside world’s scariness. It was definitely an unexpected side affect of watching a MOVIE for heaven sakes. Lesson has been learned though. No more end of the world type movies for this gal.

On the lighter side, someone said Neil was rocking the TinTin. What do you think?

Pinterest Challenge

So I love pinterest and all the amazingly talented ideas it highlights. For those of you that are into it, do you find you never actually DO any of the ideas you pin?? I am one hundred percent guilty of pinning without following through! So I thought I would challenge myself to complete a pin a week and throw it onto the blog on Tuesdays! I am going to go easy on myself and allow it to be as simple as trying a recipe. This week’s is a hair tutorial I pinned!




Anyone want to join me and challenge yourself to follow through with your pinning!!??