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Spicy Lentil Mother Hubbard Squash Fall Soup

Good Sunday Eve Folks!

This is a quick recipe and photo based post as there are about one zillion shows tonight I want to watch, including Desperate Housewives, Dexter and Mad Men. I am a sucker for television shows. For my bachelorette, my sister Kate asked Greg a bunch of questions about me and I had to see if I got the same answer. One of them what is my favourite television show. Greg’s answer was “Anything HBO dreams up”. TRUE STORY.

I was in a major mood to cook and bake today. I made some Pumpkin Scones and some Green Veggie Curry for lunch but the crowning achievement of today’s cookery was by far the Spicy Lentil Hubbard Squash Soup!

First of all, here is the boneyard of my Hubbard Squash.

2010-09-26 15.27.12

LOOK AT THIS THING! It is nuts! I basically just hack away at it to make it so there is a flat area that I can stabilize the beast with. I then cut small sections off a piece at a time. No question cutting squash is a bit of trouble but it really is worth it.

2010-09-26 15.27.26


LOOK AT ALL THE SQUASH! For this recipe I used 3 cups of squash and then the rest I threw in this large bag. SQUASH CITY.

2010-09-26 15.39.32

This is a great recipe for anyone who is on the go. Slow cookers are a fantastic way to cook extra healthy meals with little prep and hassle.

2010-09-26 15.50.24

I used red lentils but I am sure brown or green would be yummy too!

2010-09-26 15.52.33

Next was the squash!

2010-09-26 15.54.46

Then red onion!

2010-09-26 15.58.29

Followed by carrot and a habanero pepper. I love spice so I went for the hottest pepper I could find. You could easily go for a milder jalepeno or even an ancient sweet pepper!

2010-09-26 16.01.54

Next comes some more sass. GARAM MASALA! A lovely blend of Indian spices that I find pairs SO well with squash. There is also some Imagine Brand Organic Low Sodium Vegetable Broth.

2010-09-26 21.16.39

Six Hours Later! It is practically already pureed after being in the slow cooker for so long!

2010-09-26 21.20.28

Look at that creamy goodness. Perfect.Fall.Soup.

SO You Fall soup lovers you! Here is the breakdown so you can make this baby in your cosy little kitchen!

*1 Cup of Lentils of your Choice

*3 Cups of Hubbard Squash (Since squash is so incredible right now I would try any of them)

*1/2 Cup of Onion

*1 Cup of Carrot

*5 Cups of Low Sodium Vegetable Broth (the whole carton)

*1 Hot Pepper of your choice

*1TBS Garam Masala Spice

*3 Cloves of Garlic

*Salt and Pepper to taste


*Add Lentils, Squash, Onion, Carrot, Hot Pepper, Garlic and Garam Masala to Slowcooker.

*Pour Veggie Stock over ingredients.

*Turn slow cooker on second level and let er rip for 5-6 hours.


This is the perfect Sunday afternoon soup to whip up. This is lunch for the week and I bet would freeze quite well! There are at least 3 litres of soup in this mix so share it with your friends! I am bringing some to my best girl who is about to bring a sweet babe into this world! Here she is! You can barely tell she is preggo but she is due in less than two weeks!

2010-09-18 19.17.27

Have a great Monday everyone!


Kay Owens

“I have never tried this with hubbard squash but I use it all the time with buttercup & butternut squash.
If you heat it whole in a 350* oven for at least 20 mins. maybe longer if it is a bigger size. Then let it cool just enough to handle it Your knife will almost slide through it, compared to just trying to cut it up.
I was told about this by an 88 year old friend, who still cuts her own squash up by using this method.
I hope this will help some folks out there!!!!”!